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Our plans

Through the 24 years of working in this profession we have developed our enterprise from a one-man small company to a customer-oriented and professional business. Along the decades which were not loss-free we have not just learned this profession, but also the fact that besides the knowledge of well-known and common practices, there is a very significant need for renewal and the search of new ways of making the business run, in order to avoid being just one company among many other similar businesses in our profession. 

By the end of 2013 as a result of strengthening our market position and our several years long work such possibilities emerged for us, which can only be exploited if we think on an even bigger scale by developing our group of companies even further and if we also step forward aligned to the changed market demands. 

 As of a first step we have established Bőrkerház, under which brand our already well-known and years-long successful companies will be operating, by utilizing the advantages coming from the strength of the joint capital. As the result of this on one hand we will be able to offer our regular and high quality products at an even favorable price range to our customers; and on the other hand we will be able to also offer such products which are new or in short supply on the Hungarian market which our partners cannot purchase for a long time from other sources. 

By sparing no energy and investment we have found those foreign supplier sources from which we can purchase the most diverse and high quality products in the most reliable way possible. Currently 90% of the products in our portfolio are coming to us directly from manufacturers in Italy, Slovenia and Spain. This is the guarantee for being able to go a step ahead of our competition considering the price-value ratio, as we provide a complete supply chain solution from the manufacturers to the customers. This overall guarantees that our customers can be sure that their interest is completely represented towards the manufacturers.

We know and love this profession and respect those who have been working in this field for several decades. However we are a little bit different; we respect the past, live in the present but make plans by looking into the future. The young staff of our company are working every day by paying maximum respect to the demands of current times in order to introduce our products to as wide range of customers as possible and in order to support this, in 2014 we are going to launch our webshop, which’s development will take significant amount of time and energy, but we are working on this, so our customers could get familiar with our products in the most transparent and detailed way possible. 

24 years have gone by pretty quickly, we have become experts from beginners and learned the lesson that with mediocre work only mediocre results can be achieved which is possible for anybody. We have step forward and despite of the unfavorable circumstances also took on the fight and with a vast amount of work and correct service to the satisfaction of our business partners we have become recognized in our field of profession and experienced suprisedly, that this can indeed be achieved by only a very few companies. From 2014 we have a new goal, we don’t want to be one of the best, we want to be THE BEST…